Looking for your next mid-life crisis? This is a real head turner! We will soon be moving across the country and need to drastically downside. My loss can be your gain…

I purchased this car in San Diego and drove it out here to Vegas where I am the second owner. It’s an amazing vehicle and you’ll feel like you’re flying a fighter jet when you drive it. Other than a few minor scratches in the exterior paint, it’s in EXCELLENT mechanical and cosmetic condition. Sale includes owner manual and original materials as well as a seat covering set.

It looks even better in real life than it does in the pics!

The vehicle has never been in an accident. A rock did fly into the lower front portion of the car (below the bumper) leaving a small 1-inch hole, but this part was professional replaced. I used to drive it as a commuter, but since Covid, I have no longer had to go into an office, so it has mainly been used for short trips around the neighborhood.

What I think is really interesting about this vehicle is that it is one of the few that my son, who is 6’2” tall, can comfortably fit into the back seat. The trunk also offers a great deal of room. All in all, it’s a very comfortable car.

For an old-school hot rod effect, I have added the louvers on the rear windshield. This can be removed temporarily (to clean) or permanently if desired.

Please note that although it has the “Hemi” emblems on the side of the vehicle, I do not believe the engine is a Hemi. Hemi’s are not typically part of the package for this model. I believe the emblems were placed there by the previous owner.

I have a clean title on the vehicle and 2 sets of keys/fobs.

Here are some features:
Low mileage! 33,038 miles
V6, 3.6 Liter
Automatic transmission
Rear Wheel Drive
Power steering and braking
Traction control
Cruise control
Electronic stability control
Tilt and telescoping wheel
Bluetooth wireless
SiriusXM Satellite capable
Bluetooth wireless
Alarm system
Keyless entry
Power door locks and windows
Cruise control
Power seat
Dual, side and F&R head curtain air bags
Alloy wheels
Rear spoiler

Thanks for looking!


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Used Very clean and very fast 2017 Dodge Challenger SXT Coupe 2D 2021